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About Us


The Hispagnola Academy of Sciences of Haiti (HASH) is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit institution, created and managed by people dedicated to scientific activity, in order to promote science and its technological applications to promote development social sustainability that contributes to the well-being of populations within a framework of equality, justice, democracy, cultural, ideological, political and ethnicity tolerance in Haiti, sponsoring community participation and cooperation with other academies and scientific institutions national, regional, continental and global. The Mission of the Hispagnola Academy of Sciences of Haiti (HASH) is to serve the productive sector, policy makers and the general public to enable sustainable growth & development in Haiti by:

  • Providing quality scientific and technological solutions
  • Popularizing science and technology through strategic alliances in Haiti


To be an Hispagnola Academy of Sciences with national and international credibility and influence through the quality of research, publications and their adherence to the truth to defend the national interest and the development of science; an Institution strengthened in administrative and institutional aspects in order to act effectively in favor of the economic, cultural, social and environmental development of the country, contributing to public policies in favor of increasing the application of technology and innovation.