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About us

Dear colleagues,
It is a pleasure to become the first president of the Academy of Sciences of Haiti (ASH) which was born in the year 2018 with the main mission of developing science in Haiti. I entitled this intervention “The dynamics of the Academy of Sciences” to indicate what in my opinion should qualify the Academy, a dynamic assembly, aware of its responsibilities in Haitian society, at the service of the sciences, which manifests a great energy, enterprising, active and lively. It is with this in mind that I conceived my work as president of the Academy of Sciences of Haiti (ASH). The Academy of Sciences of Haiti is a meeting place for disciplines - one of its essential characteristics - a place of reflection and action based on science, the analysis of facts, rigor, a methodical and rational approach. problems. Haiti is going through painful and difficult times in the 21st century, but as the Union is strong, we hope to achieve victory with the participation of our members and supporters of the ASH. We appreciate the great beauty of science and the wonderful understanding of the world it provides. Its progress is astounding but the limits of knowledge exist and science cannot give all the answers to the complex problems of our time but also to the socio-political problems facing Haiti.

We can be sure that these problems will not be solved without science. This is what gives special importance to the mission of the Academy of Sciences of Haiti in Haitian society. The less visible part of the function is also very demanding. It consists of

  • Presiding over offices, select committees, administrative commissions, etc.,
  • Receive visitors and delegations,
  • Go to invitations from ambassadors,
  • Represent the Academy of Sciences of Haiti in major international meetings such as Science and Technology. Thank you.

Jean-Claude Dorsainvil, President
Academy of Sciences of Haiti (ASH)
Email: presidence@academy-sciencesht.org
Phone (509) 3110-0613