• Opening Hour: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm



Report of the General Assembly of the Academy of Sciences of Haiti (ASH) held on August 29, 2020 at 10 a.m. at 8 Pernier 17, rue des Lauriers, route de Frères, Pétion-Ville, Haiti.

  • Point.1- Opening prayer by the Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences of Haiti (ASH) Mr. Jean-Claude Dorsainvil. Members of the assembly are asked to return to their seats.
  • Point 1.1 - It is 10:30 am when the meeting of the general assembly convened for Saturday August 29, 2020 began, 2 universities and 30 members are registered on the attendance list, the two universities and 50 members of the Academy of Sciences of Haïti (ASH) are also present. The agenda was put under discussion.
  • Point 2- The Executive Secretary General calls the members of the General Assembly. Strong is to note the presence of the Queensland University (UQ) represented by Mr Jean-Claude Dorsainvil, and the Public University of Artibonite Gonaïves (UPAG) represented by Professor Josper Junior Jospeh and 30 members who were teachers, researchers and university professors. The vote count show presence of two universities and 30 members. The quorum being 30 members and 2 universities, the general assembly can validly and statutorily started.
  • Point 3- President Josper Junior Jospeh before giving his introductory speech, asks the assembly to reflect and take a minute's silence in memory of Doctor Monferrier Dorval, President of the Barreau des Avocats de Port-au- Prince who was assassinated near the residence of the President of the Republic of Haiti, Doctor Monferrier Dorval, University Professor, agreed to join the Academy of Sciences of Haiti as president of the Scientific Commission of Law and Social Sciences and also sits on the Board of Directors of the Academy of Sciences.
  • Point 4- The President of the Academy of Sciences thanks the members present who allow the assembly to take place. He recalls the particularly difficult conditions which, during the year, forced the Academy of Sciences of Haiti to work meticulously, particularly difficult.
  • Point 5- Unanimous vote of the Academy of Sciences of Haiti to join the International Science Council (ISC) as a new member for Haiti.
    The president mentioned several correspondences from the International Science Council (ISC) received on behalf of the Academy of Sciences of Haiti deciding to join the International Science Council (ISC) as a member for Haiti, it is under the applause of all members who voted unanimously for the Academy of Sciences of Haiti to join the International Science Council (ISC) as a member.
  • Point 6- The president informed the members present that the general assembly of the Academy of Sciences aims to proceed with the final functioning of the Academy of Sciences of Haiti whose operating office is currently located in Petion- Ville, Haiti.
  • Point 7- The Executive Secretary General of the Academy of Sciences of Haiti reminds members that the minutes of the elective general assembly for the year 2019 of July 10, 2019 was sent by email. He reads it and asks the members present to sanction it.
  • Point 8- The President insisted on the definitive functioning of the Academy of Sciences of Haiti which will open its office in Pernier rural section of Pétion-Ville and all the members have agreed on the functioning of the Bureau of the academy by recruiting An Administrative Secretary, a Messenger, a Housekeeper. And members who have volunteered to spend three to four hours of time each day in the office while waiting for the academy to recruit more technicians.
  • Point 9- the problem of financial means was discussed and the vice-president, Mr. Jean-Claude Dorsainvil informed members that their monthly or annual contributions are important for the proper functioning of the Academy of Sciences. All members have agreed to contribute to the running of the academy.
  • Point 10- The Statutes of the Academy of Sciences of Haiti (ASH) which were drafted during the year 2019 were presented to the general assembly for its final approval. Afterwards, documents were discussed such as the letterheads and Logo of the academy to write letters, calendars of activities, according to the interventions of different members, from today the letterheads and logo of the academy will be used to send all official correspondence according to the principles established by the academy's board of directors. Then we go to the vote for the approval of the Logo and the letterhead and the calendar of activities of the Academy of Sciences.

After the questions of general interest, it was 4:30 minutes PM, when the president called by saying if nothing is on the agenda the meeting is closed, the appointment was made for a second assembly general meeting and an annual meeting for the month of November 2020 and December 27, 2020.

Done in Haiti, Pétion-Ville, August 29, 2020
Track the following signatures:
Josper Junior Jospeh / Vice- President
Dr. Euguens Fermine : Secretary General