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Hispagnola Academy of Sciences of Haiti (HASH)

Research Center for Reflection and Researchers (RCRR) of the Hispagnola Academy of Sciences of Haiti (HASH) The Hispagnola Academy of Sciences of Haiti (HASH) was put on the agenda for the incorporation of the Academy of Sciences of Haiti (ASH) as a member of Inter-American Network of Academies of Sciences (IANAS) during the year 2022. Helena Nader explained that she was waiting for international sciences council (ISC) to provide the information they had on the Haitian Academy before bringing the case to the EC.
In Haiti, there is no institution really working in the field of technology and scientific research, Hispagnola Academy of Sciences of Haiti (HASH) is the only science academy that was born in Haiti and today this institution is autonomous and does not depend on any institution. Hispagnola Academy of Sciences oof Haiti is autonomous and acts in Haiti as the only academy of sciences.
If a country or region does not have an active Academy of Sciences that is a member of IANAS, an equivalent organization may be admitted as a member.
So, there no longer exists an academy of sciences in Haiti, Hispagnola Academy of Sciences of Haiti (HASH) is the only academy of sciences in Haiti. All researchers, university professors and other Haitian executives are forced to leave Haiti to migrate to Canada, the United States of America or Europe because of socio-political problems and armed gangs who carry out kidnapping of all Haitian teacher-researchers and professionals. Today many Haitian universities do not have many professors to teach, so the minority that remains in Haiti continues to work for the development of the country. The Hispagnola Academy of Sciences of Haiti (HASH) hopes to incorporate into the IANAS and the ISC as a member and we await this decision with great patience.
The Hispagnola Academy of Sciences of Haiti (HASH) is an institution recognized by the Haitian government via the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and also registered with the Ministry of National Education and professional training. Consciousness and determination.
The Hispagnola Academy of Sciences of Haiti (ACASH) is an autonomous non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of science and technology in Haiti. Bringing together eminent researchers and scientists from different disciplines, it leads permanent reflection and maintains constant vigilance on the organization of research and science, research training and scientific education in Haiti. The Academy directs its activities towards the applications of science and technology, the main directions of scientific programs, and more generally towards all questions of interest to scientific life in Haiti.

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The Hispagnola Academy of Sciences of Haiti (HASH) was founded on March 8, 2018 under the amended Constitution of March 29, 1987. It is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit institution dedicated to the promotion of activities and scientific research, technological progress and innovation to promote sustainable social development in Haiti.

Organizational structure

  • It has 95 active academics, with the categories of founding members, numerous and corresponding.
  • It is directed by a Board of Directors, made up of nine full members and eight alternates.
  • The General Assembly is composed of all its active members, being the highest institutional management body of the Hispagnola Academy of Sciences of Haiti (ASH).
  • There is a Superior Advisory Council made up of eleven full members and four substitutes.
  • The establishment has eleven committees and three sub-committees:
  • - Basic Sciences and Technologies, Natural sciences and environment, Climate Change, Health Sciences, Nutrition and Human Food, Physiology, Economy, International issues, Linguistics and Literature, Legal and political sciences, Social Sciences, Philosophy and epistemology, Ethics, New admissions and awards ceremony / upcoming events.