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About Us

The Academy of Sciences of Haiti (ASH) was founded on March 8, 2018 under the amended Constitution of March 29, 1987. It is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit institution dedicated to the promotion of activities and scientific research, technological progress and innovation to promote sustainable social development in Haiti.

Organizational structure

  • It has 95 active academics, with the categories of founding members, numerous and corresponding.
  • It is directed by a Board of Directors, made up of nine full members and eight alternates.
  • The General Assembly is composed of all its active members, being the highest institutional management body of the Academy of Sciences of Haiti (ASH).
  • There is a Superior Advisory Council made up of eleven full members and four substitutes.
  • The establishment has eleven committees and three sub-committees:
  • - Basic Sciences and Technologies, Natural sciences and environment, Climate Change, Health Sciences, Nutrition and Human Food, Physiology, Economy, International issues, Linguistics and Literature, Legal and political sciences, Social Sciences, Philosophy and epistemology, Ethics, New admissions and awards ceremony / upcoming events.
  • The Academy of Sciences of Haiti (ASH) is a member of recognized institutions of national and international prestige:
  • - International Science Council (ISC): www.council.science