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History of ASH

Hispagnola Academy of Sciences of Haiti (HASH)

The Hispagnola Academy of Sciences of Haiti (HASH) is an institution whose mission is the knowledge, promotion, research and dissemination of science and technology in the country, as an essential basis for national development, sustainable and independent. It is a private, non-partisan, non-profit entity that has been in existence for two years.

Objectives, functions and purposes
  • Encourage, support and finance research in all areas of human knowledge.
  • Promote and fund the publication of books and magazines through which the most important research results are disseminated.
  • Periodically organize events and activities that encourage exchanges and debates among Haitian scientists, as well as between them and their colleagues abroad.
  • Develop concrete initiatives that establish and promote cooperative links with academies, institutions and scientists around the world.
  • To voice their opinions openly and critically on any relevant political, economic or social event that occurs inside or outside the country.
  • Advise the Haitian State, private companies, NGOs and community organizations in areas where the scientific potential of the Hispagnola Academy of Sciences can be useful.
    Ensure the protection and defense of natural resources, understood as an essential and vital heritage of the country, goods and wealth belonging to society as a whole and to future Haitian citizens.